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Archive for July 2018

Church Today Office becomes Office of Communications

To support his vision of evangelization and faith formation, Bishop David Talley has transformed what was the “Church Today Office” into the Communications and Evangelization Office. By doing this he restructured the two existing positions to carry out the office’s new mission and vision of evangelization; continuing Christian formation and carrying out a cohesive plan…

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How to welcome your new pastor

Transitions can be difficult for everyone, saying good bye and getting to know and trust someone new can be a challenge. To help ease in the changes, below are ten helpful hints in welcoming your new pastor or priest. 1. Be patient with him. The stress of moving, the grief of leaving a familiar parish…

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Bishop’s message for July: Moving again, and the lessons offered

When I came to Alexandria, in September of 2016, just before the announcement of my appointment here, I was  welcomed to our Diocese by three of our priests, Fathers Scott Chemino, Bruce Miller and Jim Ferguson.  My first meeting with Bishop Herzog was arranged by Fr. Miller. At that initial meeting, it was decided that…

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