Maryhill Renewal Center

Maryhill Renewal Center

Physical Address: 600 Maryhill Road, Pineville, LA 71360

Mail: P.O. Box 7417, Alexandria, LA 71303

Phone: (318) 542-1707

Easily accessible from major highways, Maryhill is located just northeast of Pineville on the edge of a central shopping area with access to retail shopping, lodging, restaurants, churches and even a convention center.  The facility offers year-round accommodations situated in the quiet of 186 acres of pine forest with walking paths. Two large events can be hosted simultaneously, one at the Retreat Center on the south side of the lake and the other on the northern shore.

Maryhill is SELF-SERVICE which means events are self-hosted - the rentee is responsible for own program, all consumable supplies, meals, on-site housing, preparation and clean-up. There are local caterers and service companies willing to offer assistance.

You will have access to everything we have to offer when you are here. Make yourself at home! Maryhill has something to meet the needs of nearly everyone. Call Deacon Luke White at (318) 542-1707 to schedule your event today.

Because Maryhill Renewal Center is a self service facility, please read the information carefully to understand what is included, not included and the requirements for rentals.


For the benefit of all users and the preservation of the Maryhill campus, the following “Rules of Use” take effect immediately.

The use of nails, staples, tacks or any other form of devise which can be used for the affixing or hanging of any materials in or on any facility on the Maryhill campus is prohibited without the expressed, written consent of Maryhill management.  Furthermore, the only allowed use of tape is blue painter’s tape.  However, the placement of this tape must be approved by Maryhill management prior to the use of the facility.  Lastly, the covering of any window on the campus with any material whatsoever is prohibited without the expressed, written consent of Maryhill management.  Violations of this policy may result in additional charges to the responsible user for repair costs.

For further information, please contact Deacon Luke White at 318-542-1707 or

Amplified audio/music; audio speakers are strictly prohibited OUTDOORS. The use of sound equipment is allowed, however, please keep them indoors in consideration for others using the Maryhill Facilities at the same time as you are.

Attention all clergy: Effective immediately, all visiting clergy from other dioceses must provide a "Letter of Suitability" before your event in order to minister at Maryhill. You can download these examples to help you compose and print your document, then mail to: Office of the Bishop, P.O. Box 7417, Alexandria, LA 71306. For more information contact Dcn. Luke White at (318) 542-1707.


The Diocese of Alexandria requires all users of Maryhill facilities to adhere to all COVID-19 regulations as promulgated by the Louisiana Department of Health, Center for Disease Control, and Louisiana Fire Marshal’s office.  Users accept full responsibility and liability, and agree to hold Maryhill and the Diocese of Alexandria harmless from any and all damages from COVID infections that may have been contacted while attending events at Maryhill.



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