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Saint Mary’s School – Celebrating 125 Years of Faith & Family

St. Mary’s School, as an extension of the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, exists to further the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. In short, we’re here to save souls.

As a school, St. Mary’s has the primary mission of educating young people in mind, body and soul. We believe in teaching the whole child. We believe in teaching the book and in teaching the life skills that make children successful in college and in life.

We do that by creating a balanced curriculum similar, but not identical, to the curricula present in our area public schools. To that academic curriculum, we add spiritual formation that comes from daily prayer, weekly Mass, monthly opportunities for Confession and various other spiritual events throughout the year. Our pastor, Fr. Blake Deshautelle, is present on campus throughout the week and is in the classrooms talking to our children and encouraging them in life and in faith.

In addition to faith and academics, St. Mary’s believes in the value of small classes, clubs, sports and interaction with children of differing ages. This breadth of experience is far healthier and more humanizing for young people than the artificial separation of larger schools.

Finally, St. Mary’s provides a community approach to education that requires parental involvement so that everyone grows from their experience at St. Mary’s – children, parents, faculty and clergy. We’re all in this life together and so we’d all be growing together.

That growth in mind, spirit, body and community is what St. Mary’s stands for.


Registration begins in mid-January for all returning students and in mid-February for new students. Please visit our website for details and documents.



Stephen Wren, Principal

Rev. Irion St. Romain, Pastor

Kristi Martin, Administrative Assistant

Lisa Guillet, Development Director

Christie Griffin, Student Services