Grades Pre-K3 to 7th

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St. Frances Cabrini School encompasses a “sharing, feeling, caring” Catholic environment. Cabrini students are becoming empowered citizens of a global society where they will further Christ’s mission with vision, compassion, and zeal.

Objective of St. Frances Cabrini School

St. Frances Cabrini School believes that “the integration of curriculum, faith, and worship is essential to the development of the whole person at St. Frances Cabrini School. Each individual should come to a personal awareness of and relationship with Christ and a sense of giftedness and self-worth thereby honoring the Incarnation that is unique to each one of us.”

New Vision Encompassing the Common Core State Standards

St. Frances Cabrini School places a focus on educating the whole child – mind, body, soul. To that end, Cabrini curriculum infuses the Common Core State Standards and National Standards and Benchmarks for effective Catholic elementary and secondary schools. Cabrini students will be challenged with robust and real world problems to prepare them for junior high, high school, and beyond in order to become “empowered citizens of a global society.” With the focus on both academic and faith based learning, students will grow to be well prepared for success in both global affairs and the future life of our Church.

School History and Current Status

St. Frances Cabrini School is a small private school in Alexandria, Louisiana in St. Francis Cabrini Church parish. Cabrini was founded in 1948 by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word as a school for first through sixth grade children living in and around the neighborhood. Since then, the school has expanded to include Kindergarten as well as a Pre-K 3 and Pre-K4 year old program. The school has also taken on the challenge of teaching their students valuable skills for life, including the ever increasing demand for a more technologically advanced work force.

St. Frances Cabrini School recognizes that the use of technology within the PK-6th grade curriculum is vitally important in improving the quality of instruction and is a tool for the formation of the whole child. Each classroom currently has 2-4 computers and at least one printer. There are multiple wireless access points available throughout the school. All students have access to iPads, iPod Touches, Neo 2s, SMART Boards, and Accelerated Reading and Math software among others. The school computer lab has 19 working computers and a networked laser printer as well as a wireless access point.

There are thirteen teachers, seven of whom have their elementary or secondary education certification and one of those holds a Master of Arts in Teaching. Our Art and Music teacher’s hold certifications in their areas of teaching. Only two teachers, P.E. and Computer, are not certified.  

The school has one secretary, one bookkeeper, and one custodian.

What the School Teaches

The students and teachers of St. Frances Cabrini School are ultimately teaching acceptance for all of God’s creations. Students are taught to aim high and the teachers constantly demand success. The teachers do not give up on students, often providing their own time to help tutor those who may have fallen behind. Other students rush to offer help to their peers during the school day. Despite an old school building on the outside, the inside is brimming with success and self-worth. Teachers and students take pride in their work and their school. Despite crippling rumors, low enrollment, and harsh economic times the school has never bowed from pressure to close. The needs of every student are always put first and endless amounts of personal time and money have been spent making sure that this is always the case.


Pre-K 3 year old through 4th grades have a complete schedule of all elementary subjects: Religion, Spelling, Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Handwriting.

5th and 6th grade are departmentalized: Reading, English, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Religion.

All grades participate in our specials: Computer, P.E., Music, and Art

Yearly Events

August – Back to School Night

September – Back to School Hot Dog Roast, Scholastic Book Fair, Grandparents Day

October – Cajun Fest

November – Early Childhood Parade of Saints, Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Fundraiser

December – Christmas Program, 6th Grade Living Nativity

January – Catholic School’s Week, All American Festival

February – Mardi Gras Parade, World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser, 2nd grade First Reconciliation

March – Pre-K-1st grade Easter Egg Hunt, 5th grade Passion Play

April – Talent Show, 2nd grade First Communion

May – Faculty vs. 6th grade Volleyball game, Field Day, May Crowning

Extra-Curricular Activities

Basketball – boys and girls, 4th through 6th grade

Softball/Baseball – 4th through 6th grade

Cheerleaders – 4th through 6th grade

4-H Club – 4th through 6th grade

Student Council – 4th through 6th grade

Altar Servers – 3rd through 6th grade

Girl Scouts - Kindergarten through 6th grade

Music teacher offers private piano lessons

Annual competitions and activities:

Various art and essay contests (VFW, Catholic Daughters, etc.)

National Geography Bee (4th through 6th grades)

School wide Spelling Bee (1st through 6th grades)

Zaner Bloser Handwriting Contest

Social Studies and Science Fair (5th and 6th grades)

Administrative Staff