Diocesan Finance Council

Terms end June 30

Mrs. Dorothy Pugh*; 2022

Mr. Michael Young*; 2022

Mr. Corey Lair; 2021

Mr. Mark Vilar; 2021

Mr. Ellis Saybe;  2020

Mr. Kevin Switzer; 2020

Msgr. Steve Testa; 2020

Mr. Darrell Dubroc*, Chair; 2018

Mr. Henry Kinberger*; December 21, 2018

Mr. Norman Olson; 2017

Rev. Scott Chemino, JCL, VG; Ex-Officio with Vote

Rev. Bruce Miller*, JCL, EV; Ex-Officio with Vote

Mr. David Brook*, CPA, Diocesan Fiscal Officer; Ex-Officio

Mrs. Cari Williams; Secretary      

*Also Serve on Investment Committee