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Come! Worship with us at: at St. Richard’s Chapel, located on St. Richards Loop in the Hickory Hill community, just north of Marksville. You will have a soulful experience.


Black Catholics in the outlying area of Marksville in the Hickory Hill community had difficulties to attend Mass in town so the church came to them; thus the establishment of St. Richard’s Chapel.

The priest at Holy Ghost was no better off with transportation than the parishioners. He and an altar boy drove out to the Hickory Hill community in a horse-drawn buggy on at least one Saturday afternoon each month and slept overnight in the sacristy to offer Mass on early Sunday Morning in an acquired church building.

This facility was replaced in the late 1950’s when a new church building was constructed. Land on which that facility was built was donated by a parishioner – Mrs. Pauline Williams and her husband Hopsin Williams, Sr. – a non-Catholic who worshiped at the Baptist Church in this community. The priest and the altar boy drove back to Marksville after that Mass on Sunday morning to offer 10:00 a.m. Mass at Holy Ghost.

There are approximately 79 families served at St. Richards Chapel which represents about 170 members – according to the 2004 census.

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