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Maryhill Wish List

Maryhill Renewal Center in Pineville was founded in 1948 by Bishop Charles Greco and has been in continuous operation ever since. It consists of 186 partially wooded acres and a large lake, with multiple, various use buildings on the campus and requires ongoing maintenance every day of the year.

As with any facility of this size (and age), personnel, equipment and outsourced services are used to help with the upkeep.

To help offset the minimal budget available to Maryhill for these purposes, a "Wish List" has been created so that you may donate needed items or services if you would like. This list will be updated from time to time.

Please contact Deacon Luke White, Maryhill Facilities Manager, if you are interested in donating any of these items and to make sure the list is up-do-date. He can be reached at: or (318) 542-1707.

Today's needs:

DONATED! THANK YOU! 100 Bibles, 1 for each room $4.00 each (Item #41126REV at

Replace all blankets, some of which are 20 years old
Need 50 Full size    $13.95 each
Need 100 Twin size  $11.95 each

DONATED! THANK YOU! Laundry Carts for buildings 200 & 400. Need 2 @ $265.00 each

Replace tables in Youth building
8’ tables, commercial grade, need 12
Can be purchased at Sam’s Club for $80.00 each

Dry Erase Board 72" X 40"
Need 2
$230.00 each

Sidewalk Edger model 8.1 Ft HP (DR Power / DR Trimmer)

Walk behind string trimmer model 8.75 Pro XL (DR Power / DR Trimmer)

Thank you!