Maryhill Legacy Bricks

close up brick rendering

Maryhill Renewal Center began in the 1940s as a vision of Bishop Charles P. Greco. Property was purchased in Pineville with plans of a retreat house and summer camp for children as well as a seminary. A man-made lake was built within the pine tree-covered property.

The first retreat at Maryhill was held on Feb. 7, 1949.

Over the course of years, the retreat center was used extensively for annual Knights of Columbus summer camps and those who attended still have many fond childhood memories. Many may remember the landmark of the summer camp: the “Star of the Sea,” a replica of a modern ocean liner docked in the lake.

Today, thousands of people attend retreats and functions held at Maryhill throughout the year and it continues to serve as the spiritual heart of the Diocese of Alexandria.

Now, you have an opportunity to help continue Bishop Greco’s vision by purchasing a beautiful, personalized and engraved commemorative Maryhill Legacy Brick. Personalization can be either for yourself, your family or for someone else to commemorate a special memory or to honor or remember a special loved one.

These commemorative paver bricks will be installed and displayed at the entrance of the main chapel at Maryhill so that in the years to come, you will be able to bring your children and grandchildren to see your name and theirs, or the names of loved ones, as a permanent legacy at Maryhill Renewal Center.

And with your support, important improvements and maintenance can be performed such as:
• Construct a handicap ramp in front of the chapel.
• Construct a north side Stations of the Cross walk.
• Renovate the Rosary Walk, making it larger.
...and many other proposed projects.

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