The National Catholic Educational Association’s motto is “Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.,” and we here at the St. Joseph Catholic Center could not agree more whole-heartedly.

What makes Catholic schools so great?
The Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Alexandria ministers to the religious and academic needs of the community by administering and supervising the Catholic School System as it fulfills its primary goal of teaching and modeling the Catholic faith.

Each and every year, the staff of the Catholic Schools Office strives to coordinate a vibrant schedule of meetings, in-service training sessions, and special events, all designed to foster and uphold the highest possible standards for Catholic education in the diocese, and this year is no different. Starting in August, the Catholic Schools Office will provide multiple trainings for educators in the diocese, focusing on data analysis.

“The focus for this upcoming academic year will be improving instruction,” says Thomas Roque, Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the diocese. “We will assist educators in discovering where their students are struggling, identify what their learning styles are, and filling in any gaps in learning they may have.”

Passing on the Catholic Education
Several educators will join the diocese or take on new roles with the Catholic School System. Changes include the hiring of Mrs. Casie Vanderlick Wilkins as Interim Principal at Our Lady of Prompt Succor School in Alexandria, as well as the additional duties of Vice Principal being added to Mr. Chris Gatlin of Holy Savior Menard High School.

Catholic School Parents
Parents are encouraged to get to know their school administration, including all faculty and staff, and to ask questions concerning any resources available to help their children develop academically, spiritually, and emotionally. Parents are also invited to get to know the staff of the Catholic Schools Office, and to reinforce the teaching their child receives at school by developing healthy practices at home. The following tips are offered to help prepare your little (and big) kids for the weeks ahead. Thank you to all aof our Catholic eduators!

Visit Edutopia for additional resources for parents and students to excel this coming school year.

Preparing your little ones for back-to-school

Know the school:
Familiarize yourself and your student with the school campus and staff.

Attend Open House if possible, or schedule a tour.

Pick up the supply list early, and have all of your student’s supplies ready for the first day of school, or earlier.

At-home routines:
Start early practicing morning and evening routines, including –

Evening: Have a wind-down period, powering down bright screens. Pick out clothes for the next day, pack their book bag, and get
everything ready to walk out the door the next morning.

Morning: Practice getting up and out of the house on time.
If necessary, do an early morning activity the week before school starts to practice.

Implement after-school routines, including having a designated study spot with needed school supplies ready. As a parent, sort through your student’s book bags, look for any important messages, and have conversations with your student concerning their school day.

Travel to School and Home:
Escort your first-time bus riders to the bus, and be present at pick-up times.

Discuss topics such as where to stand for bus pick-up, strangers, and traffic with your student.

Encourage a posivite educational mindset:
Demonstrate a positive attitude toward school, schoolwork, and learning.

Discuss what topics will be covered during the school year.

Help your student set good academic goals.

Read with your student.