Fr. Peter Faulk, the Judicial Vicar for the Diocese of Alexandria has been nominated to serve as an Adjunct Professor of Canon Law at the Pontifical Institute of Canon Law of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

This responsibility will entail Fr. Faulk being an academic consultant for the structuring of the curriculum of the new founded Institute, as well as the opportunity to lecture at the Canon Law Institute in Slovenia in person.  He will also be able to contribute academic papers as a member of the Institute. 

Father Peter told the Church Today “It is an honor to be asked by the Faculty of the University of Ljubljana to participate as one of its founding members of the Institute of Canon Law.  Part of the great legacy of the Church universal is its vast contribution to the world of education and culture. It will be an honor to be a part of this higher-education institution.” 

The University of Ljubljana was founded in 1810 as a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  The new founded Pontifical Institute of Canon Law is a component of the University’s Faculty of Theology.

Some notable graduates of the University of Ljubljana are the psychoanalytic philosopher Slavoj Žižek and the First Lady of the United States Melania Trump.