Continue to support your church parish

Please consider continuing to support your church parish with your tithing/donations.  Church Parishes rely on these funds to continue to operate and provide programs and services to the faithful in your community.

If you do not see your church listed below you can find the mailing address to each church parish on the diocesan website. 

Your pastor will appreciate your continued support.

Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Alexandria: 

Thank you very much to everyone who has been able to continue to support the mission of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Alexandria during this extraordinary time. Please send your donation to 401 21st Street, Alexandria 71301, drop it through the mail slot in the door at that address, or email to receive a form to sign up for automatic withdrawal of your gift from your checking account, savings account or credit card. -- Father Dan O'Connor
CHURCH BULLETIN FOR OLPS, Alexandria is available on the parish website, On the home page, hover the cursor over "About" on the top menu bar and click on "Bulletins."

St. Rita Church, Alexandria:

Donation/online giving:
Church Bulletin and online Mass schedule also available. 
Donation/collection options:  Online at  Click on Online Giving

Church Bulletin as well as other information also on our website

Contact email:

Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Pineville:

Online giving, weekly bulletin and online Mass schedule and access links all available on the website:

St. Anthony of Padua Church, Natchitoches:
Our webpage has the following:
Donations page
Videos of Daily Mass
Daily adoration videos
Confessions times
All information for Holy Week will be posted on our website:

St. Patrick Church, Ferriday

Mail donations to: St. Patrick Church, P.O. Box 369, Ferriday, LA 71334

To receive the church bulletin via email:

St. Margaret, Boyce; St. Joseph, Colfax; St. Patrick, Montgomery; St. Cyril, Flatwoods; and St. Margaret Mary, Gorum:

The Church doors will remain unlocked from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Sundays to make it convenient for any one who wants to come and offer prayers in private (please practice social distancing).  They may bring in their weekend donations during this time or mail it to each Church (addresses can be found here).

Father Silverino's weekend homilies will be posted on his facebook page.

St. Michael the Archangel, Leesville

Mail to 105 W South Street, Leesville, LA 71446. Or drop in the mail slot of the double doors for the center. Use the online donations link on our St. Michael the Archangel diocesan webpage