The Diocese of Alexandria Catholic School Lunch Program takes part in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. Meals are served every school day.

Reduced Lunch Program

Eligible students may receive meals for free or at a reduced price of $.40 for lunch and/or $.25 for breakfast for both elementary and middle/high schools. You or your child(ren) do not have to be a U.S. citizen to qualify for free or reduced price meals.

Your child will be given an application form during his/her first week of school for you to apply for reduced price meals. Please take a moment to complete the form whether you think you qualify or not. OR check the box on the form "decline to apply" and return the form to your child's school. We would greatly appreciate it! This will help us serve your child better by letting us know you had the opportunity to apply.

If for some reason, your child is not given a form, you may obtain an application for reduced price meals from your school's office or the School Nutrition office at the Diocese of Alexandria St. Joseph Catholic Center, 4400 Coliseum Blvd., Alexandria. At this time, the form is not available online.

Regular Lunch Program

The Catholic School Child Nutrition office continues to offer healthy lunch food choices that conform to the federal government's nutrition standards. Daily menus include a serving of fruit, vegetables, protein, whole grain, and choice of milk. The prices for lunch for this school year:
PreK-6th   $2.75
7th-12th   $3.00
(All grades reduced price  $ .40)
Teachers   $4.00
At cost      $5.00

Breakfast Program

The breakfast program will be available to all Catholic schools in the diocese, except Holy Savior Menard and St. Mary's in Natchitoches.
Each breakfast includes an entree, a fruit or juice, and choice of milk.  Prices this school year are:
PreK-12th  $1.25
(All grades reduced price  $ .25)
Teachers   $2.00
At cost      $2.50

How to Pay for Lunch

•  Payment Coupons.  The best way to pay for lunch is by the month using payment coupons. A book of nine coupons for the months of August-April is available from your school's office. Send a check to school with your child with the monthly coupon attached.
Pay a monthly rate of:
PreK-6th    $55.00
7th-12th    $60.00
Reduced     $8.00

•  Cash. A student or teacher can pay cash daily for lunch. 


Salad Bar at Holy Savior Menard



A new salad bar will be offered at lunchtime this year at Holy Savior Menard. Students will be able to select more variety of ingredients and will also be able to add grilled chicken and fruit to their salads. We hope more students will choose to take advantage of this exciting and delicious new lunch option at Menard!


Grab N' Go Lunch at Holy Savior Menard High School

Grab-n-Go lunch will be available to students at Holy Savior Menard High School.

Grab-n-Go lunches may be the answer for students who have something they want to work on during lunch (homework, study, etc) or for students who may even want to just eat outside. For the same price as the regular school lunch, a student can "scan the hand" and pick up a bagged lunch on the go -- all in a minute or less.

Each Grab-n-Go lunch is pre-packaged and includes the following:

• Chicken nuggets (Monday, Wednesday)
• Pizza (Tuesday, Friday)
• Hamburgers (Thursday)
• Fries
• Fresh fruit
• Salad bar
• Choice of milk

Every Day of the Week
•  Large chef's salad
•  Crackers
•  Fresh fruit
•  Choice of milk

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