An interview with Bishop Talley

Since the announcement was made Sept. 21 that Bishop David P. Talley from Atlanta would be the coadjutor bishop for the Diocese of Alexandria, everyone seems to want to know so much more about him.

What’s he like?  Will he be coming to our parish? When can we meet him?

Even before the Nov. 7 Mass of Welcome, many people in the diocese already had the surprise opportunity to meet him at various events.

Mass of Welcome for Bishop David Talley

View the video of the Mass of Welcome for Coadjutor Bishop David P. Talley.

A message from Bishop Ronald Herzog:

It is with a heart filled with grateful joy that I welcome Coadjutor Bishop David Talley to the Diocese of Alexandria.  His knowledge and experience is sure to complement the many treasures we already hold in this small mission diocese of Central Louisiana. I am sure that you will welcome him with open hearts as you did with me more than 11 years ago.