Grab N' Go Lunch at Holy Savior Menard High School

Grab-n-Go lunch will be available to students at Holy Savior Menard High School.

Grab-n-Go lunches may be the answer for students who have something they want to work on during lunch (homework, study, etc) or for students who may even want to just eat outside. For the same price as the regular school lunch, a student can "scan the hand" and pick up a bagged lunch on the go -- all in a minute or less.

Each Grab-n-Go lunch is pre-packaged and includes the following:

• Chicken nuggets (Monday, Wednesday)
• Pizza (Tuesday, Friday)
• Hamburgers (Thursday)
• Fries
• Fresh fruit
• Salad bar
• Choice of milk

Every Day of the Week
•  Large chef's salad
•  Crackers
•  Fresh fruit
•  Choice of milk