Church of the Little Flower

Map Info: St. Charles Chapel (Goudeau) 30.894044 -92.071989

Holy Ghost Church

Map Info: St. Richard Chapel (Hickory Hill) 31.172447 -92.129864

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church

Map Info: Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel (Black Lake) 31.925664 -93.041053
Map Info: St. Joseph Chapel (Trichel) 31.819953 -92.968232

Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Winnfield

Map Info: St. William Chapel 31.892464 -92.238857

St. Augustine Church, Isle Brevelle

Map Info: St. Anne Chapel (Old River) 31.639623 -93.065927

St. Francis of Assisi Church

Map Info: St. Anne Church (Spanish Lake) 31.78556 -93.285182

St. John the Baptist Church, Cloutierville

Map Info: Holy Family Chapel (Monet Ferry) 31.48459 -92.820306
Map Info: Holy Rosary Chapel (Emmanuel) 31.493828 -92.880411

St. John the Baptist Church, Deville

Map Info: St. John the Baptist Mission (Moncla) 31.20435 -92.11902
Map Info: St. Winifred Chapel 31.21602 -92.15568

St. Joseph Church, Colfax

Map Info: St. Patrick Church (Montgomery) 31.665506 -92.891453

St. Joseph Church, St. Joseph

Map Info: St. Francis of Assisi Mission (Waterproof) 31.806807 -91.38145

St. Louis Church

Map Info: St. Jude Mission (Sieper) 31.140278 -92.709149
Map Info: St. Peter Mission (Elmer) 31.140278 -92.709149

St. Margaret Church

Map Info: St. Cyril Chapel (Flatwoods) 31.40169 -92.87047
Map Info: St. Margaret Mary Chapel 31.434041 -92.937155

St. Martin Church

Forest Hill, 1996
Map Info: Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission Church 31.025738 -92.529764

St. Mary Church, Jena

Map Info: St. Edward the Confessor, Fishville 31.519538 -92.385064

St. Mary Church, Winnsboro

, 1954
Map Info: St. John Chapel 32.07907 -92.094781

St. Patrick Church

Map Info: St. Gerard Church 31.627297 -91.815811