Dear Friends and visitors,

Thank you for visiting our web page. I hope the information here meets the needs of our parishioners and visitors alike. We are located 7 miles northeast of Marksville on Highway 452. St. Genevieve was established in 1953. We are a small and but powerful Catholic community.

Currently we have over 80 households and about 430 parishioners. We constantly work hard together in order to support our community regardless of what faith one belongs. In this way we grow together in faith, and in knowing God’s love for us.

Spiritual Programs

Holy Mass

The greatest and most important spiritual program that we have is the Holy Mass. Our Masses are conducted very solemnly and it makes one feel that he/she is truly making a spiritual journey and real encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist. 

The rosary
Normally we pray the rosary 30 minutes before every weekend Mass. This is a very powerful preparation for the Holy Mass.


Altar Servers:
There are boys and girls of all age groups who are so committed to serving at weekend masses. They know that by serving at the Altar they are serving God. Boys and girls of any age who receive Holy Communion are therefore free and encouraged to join at anytime. For further information, call the pastor at (318) 253-9237.

Ladies of the Altar Society:
These ladies are devoted to ensuring that the Sanctuary-the Holy of Holies is beautiful and has a good atmosphere for prayers and meditation for all. Any lady who is interested is encouraged to join at anytime. Please contact Kathie Dupuy at (318) 253-5917.

Knights of the Round Table:
This is a group of the Knights of Columbus that has come together to help and support their Church of St. Genevieve. They work very closely with the priest.


The story of the present-day Saint Genevieve Catholic’s Church goes back to the early days of the 19th century. It was during the administration of Bishop Cornelius Van de Ven of Natchitoches that Fr. Jean B. Limange, pastor of St. Joseph’s Church, Marksville, took the first steps towards the erection of a mission Church for the Brouillette community. He remained pastor of Marksville and its missions from December 1905, until his death on January 27, 1912.

Fr. Hippolite Benezit was brought as a young priest by the Bishop when he went to Holland in 1905. At Father Limagne’s insistence he was to be the assistant in Plaucheville. Upon his arrival, Father Limagne claimed that he could not afford to pay an assistant due to bad times in his parish. Therefore the bishop decided to place the new priest assistant at St. Joseph’s church in Marksville.

The appointment was providential! With two priests at Marksville, it was possible to consider expanding the services of the Church to other communities within the Marksville parish boundaries.

At the time the people of Brouillette community had the choice of either going to the churches at Marksville or Moncla that already existed. Yet, the Brouillette people wanted a church of their own and to bring this about a Mr. A. Brouillette and his family decided to donate a parcel of their lands to the Diocese of Natchitoches for the erection of a church thereon. The Bishop accepted and plans were formulated for the new chapel by Fr. Limagne. This was in 1907.

On March 1, 1908, Fr. H. Benezit performed the first Baptisms in the new Brouillette chapel. Five persons were baptized that day. The first name to appear in the Brouillette registers is that of Cicile Effa Mayeux, daughter of Leon Mayeux and Isabelle Moreau. In 1910, there were 100 families belonging to St. Genevieve chapel. In 1914 there were 520 souls comprising the Brouillette community.

In 1940, disaster struck the Brouillette Community. A tornado totally destroyed St. Genevieve Church leaving it flat on the ground. Bishop Daniel F. Desmond understood the immediate need of rebuilding the Church. On October 20, 1940, the new edifice was dedicated.

Finally, in 1953, Bishop Charles P. Greco of Alexandria elevated St. Genevieve’s into an independent parish making it the 23rd new parish established since his coming to the Diocese in 1946. Fr. Marcel Anderson, then assistant at Marksville, was named the first pastor of the new parish.

The present St. Genevieve church was built under the leadership of Fr. Fuoco. Mr. James Eiland, Jr. of Bunkie was the contractor and a very generous donor.

Administrative Staff

Map Info: St. Genevieve Church, Brouillette 31.210463 -92.027345