From the first Vigil Mass on the 24th of December 2017 through the 8th of January 2018, the Baptism of the Lord, you and I … as missionary disciples of Christ the Lord and members of the world-wide Roman Catholic Church … we have celebrated the Christmas season. Why so? Christmas, the Nativity of the Lord, defines the depth of our lives, today and each day we live and move and have our being.

Every event that will be celebrated or remembered in prayer this month by the members of Christ’s Church will be remembered or celebrated through the mystery of the Nativity. For, in the humble surroundings of the stable in Bethlehem, the living God communicated His life and love to us through one Word … a Word spoken in the birth of Jesus … the son of Mary … the son of David … the Son of God.

Our lives of faith, lived through the grace of God and following in obedience this revelation of the Word, our lives of faith are centered on this mind-bending, mind and heart-liberating truth:  In the Lord Jesus, we are able to see the face of God in His human face -- for He was born and lived among us, experiencing the joys and hardships of human life -- just as we do. He was born into our humanness and dealt with all we deal with, save the shadow world, sin.

Remembering this mystery each day we live, will help us to see the world and act in the world according to God’s plan, as we define our lives and actions through His life and action. For during this month of January, in celebrating all that we share with other Christians and praying that all that separates us might be overcome in God (the week of prayer for Christian unity) … we remember His birth … and know that our humanity is redeemed through that birth and His obedience to the Father … even unto death.

As we remember with sorrow and prayer Roe v. Wade on the 22nd, we prayer in faith that the Lord of Life, who has given us His heart … His Son … that the Lord will open the eyes of all…to see that life … all life is a gift of God and is sacred unto God. Life in the womb. Life in the nursing homes and memory care units. Life in our communities. Life on the streets. The life of all … is to be protected and nurtured and celebrated … for the Nativity of the Lord has revealed to us the depth and sacredness of our lives … as we share human life with Him … the son of Mary … our brother and our Lord.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
(For The Greater Glory of God)