Daniel, Dutch and Derek. Has a nice ring to it when you pronounce these three names, doesn’t it? Daniel, Dutch and Derek. Three names that bring to mind these seminarians, these sons of central Louisiana, these men who have been given to you…given to us, given to us by the Giver of all that is good…the living God we know as our Father and His Son and the living Spirit of Life…who is Love.

Daniel, Dutch and Derek. Like each of us…they each have a history, of family, of growing up, of life and love and the struggles all of us share. Human struggles. Life’s struggles. But like us, they have been given the great gift of faith, a way of seeing and being that allow them…each of them…to manifest something of Christ the Lord, as He lives and breathes within each heart. They are disciples of Yeshua…Christ the Lord. And this month, on Saturday the 17th, at our Cathedral, our diocese will receive such blessing…as each one of these men will be ordained for priestly service. They will offer us the ministry of our High Priest, Christ the King, who is our brother and Lord of all.

Father Daniel Hart, Father Dutch Voltz and Father Derek Ducote. Pronounce these names….who they will be for you and for us: Servant – leaders in our parishes and missions, caring shepherds for our communities, instruments of the Presence of the Lord…serving in His priesthood. They will be priests for you, serving within the hierarchic leadership of the worldwide Catholic Church.  They will be here with us…and they have dedicated their lives to our good…and to the good of all.

Still, as are all of my brothers who assist me as deacons and priests, these soon-to-be priests…they are men…human beings. Like the clergy of the diocese and the wonderful group of consecrated women and men that also assist in caring for us…these three are just like us all. Human. Needy. Looking to be completed in the Light and Love that is God.

Daniel, Dutch and Derek. We thank God for you. Open wide your hearts to us.

~Bishop David Talley

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
(For The Greater Glory of God)