Since 1908, our nation has circled the 2nd Sunday of May on our calendars as Mother’s Day. So, on the 14th of this month, every son and daughter in central Louisiana should find a way to let your momma know how much you love her. For those of us who are living without her presence, we will remember all that she was for us. We will thank God for her and ask the Lord to bless her with light and love.

This Mother’s Day celebration of the gift of our mommas is always at about mid-month. But there’s another remembrance in May, taking up the whole month. In our Catholic culture, May is Mary’s month. Just think about this woman of God: As a teenager, she was visited by a messenger from God and the news she received…the Annunciation…. was both awesome and dangerous. From the moment of her YES, she supported her son….God’s Son… loving him, accompanying him when she could, always praying for him.

As you might remember from the story in John’s Gospel, Mary was at a wedding celebration in Cana, where in the joy of the gift, a young man and a young woman were ready to commit their lives to one another, Mary asked her son to assist the hosts with the refreshments. Do whatever he tells you she said. Good advice for those hosts. Good advice for us.

Though the intimacy of the Last Supper of Holy Thursday seems to have been reserved for the Twelve…Our Lady was not far from her son. And when the deed was done….when He was hanging from that Cross, as a lamb of sacrifice, Mary was there…with him (John 19.25-27). It was at that moment that Mary was given to us…the Church of her son…to be a mother to us all.

Mary and the Age of the Church: After the radiant joy of Easter, after the apostles had been embraced and forgiven and readied for mission…and after the Risen Lord had left this good earth, ascending into the mystery of the Father’s kingdom…. Mary was with the little flock of the Lord (the Church) as they looked to the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost)…and a new harvest (Acts 1.14).

Mary, the teen that said YES to God’s incredible plan of redemption. Mary, the devout Jew and faithful wife of Joseph, teaching Yeshua the prayers and the customs and the life of the people of the Covenant. Mary, a widow, beloved in her village, longing to see her son as he went about the villages announcing God’s good news. Mary, at the foot of the Cross, listening to the last words of her dying son. Mary, a member of the Church, a mother for us….a model disciple: do whatever he tells you.

Take out your Bible and read again this God News of God’s love. Take that Rosary and in prayer, remember the mysteries of God…involving this woman and her son….God’s Son. Mary, connected to her son as branches to the Vine. Mary, Mother of the Redeemer, pray for us.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
(For The Greater Glory of God)